Swingers parties and events can be found all over the world. Regardless of where you are, if you know where to look you can get invited to these parties and participate in swingers club activities. Here are a few ways to find events and party details if you live up north.
Hit The Internet
The Internet has opened many doors for the swingers communities. Events and parties that were once only found through word of mouth can now be found online. This takes a lot of the secrecy and other stigmas out of the swinging community. If you simply search for swingers clubs and events in your areas you will likely be bombarded with results. With this option not only do you find events up north, but you also find details such as costs, rules, and even directions. Many will also list local attractions and hotels for those who wish to make a weekend out of it.
Adult Themed Stores
Adult themed stores tend to cater to a more open minded crowd. You can find sex toys, costumes, games, and other play items. Because they are more open to the swinging community, you can often find flyers for events posted at the stores. The store associates may also be able to help you locate clubs, parties, and details on swinging events up north.
Swingers Clubs
If you are already involved with one club but want to expand and find others, you have a perfect networking community in front of you already. Simply ask some of your fellow swingers and you can find some of the other parties and events in the northern area.