A lot of people that are not swingers will find themselves wondering if swingers practice safe sex. You will find that when it comes down to it, it depends a lot on the swinger and who they swing with. Most swingers will end up have a set group of swingers that they spend their time with so that they do not have to worry about bringing in new people that may have diseases.


When it comes down to it, it is really important as a swinger that you put your health and your safety first. This means that it is always a good idea for you to use protection of some type whenever you are having sex. This is something that a lot of swinger realize and will do their best to take part in so that they can continue to swing.


When it comes to STDs, swingers are a lot more likely to contract them. It is actually more likely that a swinger will contract an STD than a prostitute. This is why it is so important that swingers take the necessary precautions and practice safe sex whenever they can. While there are plenty of swingers that do practice safe sex, not enough of them do.


Just about any swinger that you will come across will be more than happy to partake in oral activities. However, very few of them want to use protection whenever they are practicing oral. While they will use a condom during sex they will often not whenever they are practicing oral.